How do I know if
I have hayfever ?

Sneezing, runny, blocked or itchy nose?
You may be suffering from mild hayfever.4

While some of these symptoms may be similar
to cold or flu symptoms, allergy symptoms
tend to persist unless treated appropriately.4

What can trigger Hayfever?

Dust & Dust Mites

If you’re serious about minimising hayfever events and treatment, get serious about getting dust and dust mites under control around your home.5

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Pollen and Grass

Not always contained to a particular season, allergic reactions to pollen and grasses can occur at any time of the year although usually it’s more pronounced in spring.6

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Mould can trigger hayfever symptoms. We have some household cleaning tips to help!5

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Pet Hair

Dogs and cats are a common cause for hayfever. We have some tips to help you live more comfortably with your best friends.7

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What happens when you have hayfever?

Hayfever (or allergic rhinitis) is the reactive swelling of the inside of the nose that’s the result of a sensitised immune system that wrongly identifies pollen or dust or other particulates as a threat to the body.4

The good news is that Azep Nasal Spray gets right to the centre of the problem ASAP and provides relief faster than antihistamine tablets.2, 3


Runny Nose

Itchy and Congested Nose

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There are many things you can do to avoid hayfever triggers in your home.5

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Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

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